North Street Skate

Our Skate Shop

North Street Skate is an independent UK skate shop based in Horsham, West Sussex. We are 100% skater run and skater owned. Founded in 2019 North Street Skate will bring you the best products, amazing shopping experience and over 10 years of Skateboard knowledge.

Along with our years of experience North Street Skate has a huge passion for skateboarding. We have started out as an online skate shop to ensure we can deliver the best online shopping experience for our UK and Worldwide customers. But we don’t intend on stopping there. We’ll quickly be looking to take residence in our own physical skate store in Horsham. 

Our Dream is to grow the UK / European skate scene. North Street Skate stocks some of the finest UK and European brands available and our ever growing list of skate brands welcomes skateboard brands like The National Skateboard Co, Isle Skateboards, Drawing Boards Skateboards and Sour Skateboards with open arms.

All our packaging is fully recyclable, reusable or biodegradable

Sustainable Packaging In Our Skate Shop

After becoming tired of seeing endless amounts of plastic used to ship products across the UK and Worldwide NSS decided enough is enough and switch to a fully sustainable packaging system. 

We use FSC cardboard boxes, Kraft paper protection and reinforced Kraft tape for all our skateboard decks and complete skateboard packages along with biodegradable bags for all our clothing and skate shoe packages. This ensures where possible we are decreasing the amount of non-degradable plastics being used in our shop.