Deathwish Uncrossed. The eagerly awaited and anticipated video from Deathwish Skateboards is here. Presenting "uncrossed". Deathwish has a killer team of skaters to say the least. This video features, Pedro Delfino, Jamie Foy, Jon Dickson, Need Williams, Julian Davidson, Victoria Ruesga, Taylor Kirby and Jake Hayes. Get ready to watch the Deathwish team raise the bar. Style, speed, gnar all rolled into one sub 30 minute video. 

Deathwish Uncrossed brings the best of all worlds and styles of skateboarding. From drained pools, inverts and backside airs to kinked handrails and technical ledge skating this video has it all and more. Sit back and relax whilst you watch Jamie Foy flip into fs krooks like it's nothing, Jake Hayes literally ollie over a dumpster and Neen ninja kick the hell out of a heel flip down and over the most incredible spots. To see Deathwish now featuring a female skater on the team is amazing and Victoria brings style and embodies Deathwish etiquette, she fits right in with this team! 

oh and also the odd bit of running commentary from Beagle never goes a miss. 

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