Magenta Skateboards

Magenta Skateboards was established in 2010 in Paris France and has quickly become one of the largest European skateboarding brands. Founded by Soy Panday and the Feil brothers Magenta Skateboards has collaborated with some of the largest brands in the industry, such as Adidas & Etnies Footwear, to help push the brand into the forefront of European Skateboarding. 

Magenta Skateboarding was originally founded because Panday and the Feil brothers didn’t like the direction skateboarding was heading and didn’t find it matched their idea of skateboarding. Since launching, Magenta, have monitored the brand closely to ensure the highest quality of finish is achieved and maintained. Check out our stock of Magenta Skateboard decks, clothing and accessories. You won’t be disappointed with the variety of their designs and graphics. 




All of the packaging used to send your orders is Recyclable, Bio-degradable or Reusable 

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