Plan B Skateboards

Plan B Skateboards, Co-owned by Danny Way and Colin Mckay, initially conceived in 1991 by Mike Ternasky who tragically passed away in a car crash 3 years later in 1994. Plan B was shelved by the owners in 1998. Come 2005 and Plan B was reformed! At this point both Danny and Colin re-recruited most of the original team but added two new members, Paul Rodriguez and PJ Ladd. Soon after this the Plan B professional team was one to be reckoned with. 

The current team is still full of many heavy hitters such as Ryan Sceckler, Filipe Gustavo and Chris Joslin. 

Through many years of development Plan B’s Pro Spec construction is now utilised throughout most of their pro decks. Pro spec uses different thickness layers of maple wood in which the inner layers are thicker than the outer ones. Pro Spec construction gives Plan B decks outstanding board feel, long life of pop and makes them thiner and lighter than their competition. 




All of the packaging used to send your orders is Recyclable, Bio-degradable or Reusable 

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