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Primitive Skateboards & Apparel:

Primitive Skateboarding & Apparel is the love child of Professional Skateboarder Paul Rodriquez, Heath Brinkley, Andy Netkin and Jubal Jones. Primitive Skateboarding & Apparel’s Headquarters is in Los Angeles, California The Home of Skateboarding. The Primitive Skate Brand started life in 2008 as a Skateboard shop in Encino, CA. At this time Paul Rodriquez was a Plan B sponsored athlete at the time of Primitive’s inception. Soon after setting up shop Paul printed a limited run of 500 gold-foil Primitive Decks. The boards actually over sold in less than 1 hour, proving that Primitive Skateboard Decks where in high demand. Since this Primitive Skateboarding & Apparel has continued to grow and the shop is now no more. Paul & co. have moved the brand on to become an eCommerce and Wholesaler. 

Primitive Skateboarding is the off branch of Primitive Apparel. Primitive Skateboarding manufactures skateboard decks, wheels, Griptape and other hardware. Whereas the Primitive Apparel division manufactures high quality Hoodies, T-shirts, Trousers, Hats and Accessories. 




All of the packaging used to send your orders is Recyclable, Bio-degradable or Reusable 

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