Sour Solution Career Deck 8.25"



- Width: 8.25" Length: 31.85" Wheelbase: 14.2 Shape Code: S4

- Top Ply Colour Varies

Sour Solution’s EJP Career Skateboard Deck. This Sour Skateboards deck is 8.25” wide with a 14.2” long wheel base giving an over length of 31.98”. The Career Deck is a shape code S4 and features a low concave. A low concave deck will provide a less agile more laid back style but will be harder to flip due to their being less curvature in the deck. The graphic featured on this skateboard deck the EJP career graphic featuring a suited man action figure with a picture of him sat behind a computer listing out the truths of 'Getting Old' . In true Sour fashion this graphic has been influenced by pro skater EJP.

When Sweet turned Sour when Sour Solutions was formed following disagreements the team had with Sweet Skateboards, a Swedish skateboard company. This led to the Birth of Sour Skateboards and has given us one of the best Eurpoean skateboard brands to date. Hailing from Barcelona, the European skateboarding capitol what these guys don’t know about skateboarding isn’t worth knowing. As a team their technical ability is second to none as seen in “The Sour Solution” and “The Sour Solution II” 

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