Diamond Supply Co. Luan Oliveira Pro Allen 7/8" Bolts



Diamond Supply Co. Luan Olivera 7/8” Hella Tight Hardware. This pack of 7/8" skateboard bolts is the first set of pro bolts for Luan and features his signature colour-way. Within this Luan inspired bag you will get.

  1. 7x Black Bolts
  2. 1x Yellow Bolt
  3. 8x Yellow Nuts
  4. 1x Yellow Diamond Supply Co wrench
  5. 1x Allen key

Diamond Supply Co. have taken the liberty to provide you with the exact tools you’ll need to swap out those old crusty bolts and put in place your new Diamond Hella Tight set. These skateboard bolts are 7/8" in length meaning they are long enough to pass through your skateboard deck and truck without a riser pad. If you run riser pads of 1/8" or more you will require a 1"+ long bolt. 

Why change out your skateboard bolts? When you are constantly changing decks and unscrewing and re-tightening your hardware the nylon thread in the nut will start to wear out and could slip. Best case, one nut falls off during your skate. Worst case, you end up like Sean Malto did at the Kansas City SLS Pro and your truck falls off mid trick, this is also why its important to check your nuts regularly.

Diamond Supply Co. Is one of the largest Skateboard hardware manufacturers with an extremely sought after pro team. Featuring skaters like Sean Malto, Shane O’Neil, Paul Rodriguez & Yuto Horigome. Originating from Nicky Diamonds bedroom in 1998 fast forward some 22 years and its amazing to see how this brand has grown. Collaborating with Nike Footwear, Wiz Khalifa & many more artists and brands has brought Diamond into the streetwear/clothing lime light as well as skateboard hardware.

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