The National Skateboard Co. Slap It 8.25"



- Width: 8.25"

- High Concave 

- Top Ply Colour Varies 

The National Skateboard Co. Slap it Graphic. This 7-ply maple wood Skateboard deck is 8.25” in width and is of a high concave perfect for an easy to flip agile skateboard deck. The Slap it Graphic is a sticker bomb of all the different graphics featured in The National Skateboard Co’s Third Capsule. For this series, The National Skateboard Co. teamed up with New York Artist Bobby Engvall with the intention to bring a playful, slap it sticker like series. 

Founded in 2012 The National Skateboard Co. has fast become a household name within UK skateboarding. With a strong team of heavy hitting skateboarders like Josh Young, Denis Lynn, Joe Gavin & Tommy May makes this a team to be reckoned with! With the signature logo appearing through all of The National Skateboard Co’s products its hard to mistake their decks, clothing and apparel. 

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