Within this blog we're going to talk about Skateboard Trucks and answer your questions. You're first question is most likely why am I here? Well hold on and don't go anywhere too fast. You're here because you're asking yourself "what skateboard trucks do I need?" or "what size skateboard trucks do I get?" These are two out of many different questions wanting to be answered. We'll be covering topics like, What are Skateboard Trucks, How do I pick the perfect skateboard trucks, there is technology in skateboard trucks and what size skateboard trucks do I need. So without further ado lets get stuck in,

What are skateboard trucks?

Simply Skateboard trucks are "T" shaped metal pieces which are mounted to the bottom of a Skateboard Deck they:

1) Connect the wheels to the skateboard

2) Make turning a skateboard possible

3) Allow "Grinds to be performed"

This is why picking the right skateboard trucks are so important.

Axels: These are where the wheels mount onto the truck

Hangers: The carrier for the axel and contact point for grinds

Kingpin/Kingpin Nut: Secures the hanger to the baseplate also carries the bushings

Bushing: Polyurethane pieces

Pivot Cup: Point of rotation for the hanger

Base Plate: Mounts the truck to the deck

How do I pick the perfect skateboard trucks?

Firstly you need to figure out what sort of a skater you are.... Nah. just kidding. Skateboard trucks are pretty similar across the board, pardon the pun. Variety is in the brand, size and technology; we'll cover this next.

What Brands are out there?

1)Independent Trucks

2)Ace Trucks MFG

3)Tensor Trucks

4)Thunder Trucks

5)Royal Skateboard Trucks

6)Film Skateboard Trucks

7) Venture Trucks

The List above is not extensive but some of the more well known brands and ones North Street Skate has in stock also.

There is technology in skateboard trucks?

Inverted king pins

Inverted kingpins provide a lower profile kingpin compared to a regular kingpin set up. The benefit of this is that it reduces the chance of the kingpin nut getting hooked up/caught when you are grinding a rail or ledge. Inverted kingpins can be tightened and loosened in exactly the same fashion as traditional kingpins with the use of a spanner/ skate tool but the option of using an Allen key is also provided.

Hollow King Pins & Axels

Hollow kingpins have been around for a while now. The purpose, to save weight. It is really simple and that's the same for both Kingpins and Axels. With Companies like Independent and Thunder combining both to produce the lightest trucks available on the market whilst maintaining the use of the standard alloys.

The below picture from Thunder Skateboard Trucks shows the different levels of weight saving available in their trucks.

Different Metals

Through extensive testing (using pro skaters as guinea pigs) & research (listening to them when they moan and making the most of when they aren't) brands like thunder and Tensor have discovered that using different metals in certain parts of their trucks can aid in further reducing weight. Using combining different metals to make different alloys allows trucks to be made stronger, heavier, lighter, weaker. as mentioned above that all depends on their testings and research. Using metals like Magnesium and Titanium Tensor has increased strength and reduce weight in their skateboard trucks.

Thankfully Tensor has produced the below chart which shows us the weight of their trucks in comparison to their competitors.

What size skateboard trucks do I need?

1)Independent Trucks

2)Ace Trucks MFG

3)Tensor Trucks

4)Thunder Trucks

5)Royal Skateboard Trucks

6)Film Skateboard Trucks

7) Venture Trucks

High VS Low Skateboard Trucks


-better for turning

-can run looser trucks or bigger wheels without the fear of wheel bite (when your wheels and deck come into contact causing the wheel to stop suddenly)

-can help pop tricks higher due to more clearance


-lower centre of gravity, better for balance

-ideal for tech skating


-the best of both worlds

Happy you know enough about skateboard trucks to order yours? Shop here for our full range of Skateboard Trucks.

Need a little more help? Contact us and we'll get you set up with the right size trucks for your deck.

We've all now heard of April Skateboards and seen how Shane and the rest of April Skateboards team is pushing the limits of skateboarding. Through Instagram we've all also seen snippets of Yuto Horigome, Shane O'neill and even Paul Rodriguez skating the park but we've now been blessed by Thrasher Skateboarding with the below video of the whole April Team skating the newly built facility! Sit back and enjoy this one.

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